WOTLK pve progression

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Last update: 15/07/2010
10 man
Naxxramas:                                                      Cleared (17/01/2009)
-Anub’rekham                                                     Down (26/12/2008)
-Grand Widow Faerlina                                        Down (26/12/2008)
-Maexxna                                                           Down (26/12/2008)
-Noth the Plaguebringer                                      Down (27/12/2008)
-Heigan the Unclean                                            Down (17/01/2009)
-Loatheb                                                             Down (17/01/2009)
-Istructor Razuvios                                               Down (16/12/2008)
-Gothik the Harvester                                           Down (16/12/2008)
-The Four Horsemen                                            Down (16/12/2008)
-Patchwerk                                                          Down (26/12/2008)
-Grobbulus                                                         Down (26/12/2008)
-Gluth                                                                 Down (26/12/2008)
-Thaddius                                                           Down (08/01/2009)
-Sapphiron                                                         Down (06/01/2009)
-Kel’thuzad                                                          Down (06/01/2009)
The eye of eternity:                                             Cleared (02/02/2009)
-Malygos                                                             Down (02/02/2009)
The obsidian sanctum:                                        Cleared (29/12/2008)
-Sartharion                                                          Down (29/12/2008)
         Twilight Assist                                            Down (03/03/2009)
         -Twilight Duo                                              Down (17/03/2009)
         -The Twilight Zone                                       Down (19/06/2009)
Vault of archavon:                                               Cleared (16/04/2009)
-Archavon                                                            Down (17/12/2008) 
-Emalon                                                               Down (16/04/2009) 
-Koralon                                                              Down (03/09/2009)
-Toravon                                                              Down (08/02/2010)
Ulduar:                                                               Cleared (11/07/2009)
-Flame Leviathan                                                  Down (23/05/2009)
         -Orbital Bombardment                                 Down (19/06/2009)
         -Orbital Devastation                                     Down (25/09/2009)
         -Nuked From Orbit                                      Down (25/09/2009)
         Orbit-uary                                                  Down (25/09/2009)
-Razorscale                                                          Down (19/04/2009)
-Ignis the Furnace Master                                      Down (18/04/2009)
-XT-002 Deconstructor                                           Down (23/05/2009)
         Heartbreaker                                              Down (19/06/2009)
-The Iron Council                                                  Down (23/05/2009)
         I Choose You, Runemaster Molgein
         -I Choose you, Steelbreaker                         Down (19/06/2009)
-Kologarn                                                            Down (23/05/2009)
-Auriaya                                                               Down (23/05/2009)
-Hodir                                                                  Down (23/05/2009)
         I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare          Down (25/07/2009)
-Freya                                                                   Down (23/05/2009)
        Knock On Wood                                           Down (03/10/2009)
        Knock Knock On Wood                                 Down (03/10/2009)
        Knock Knock Knock On Wood                       Down (03/10/2009)
-Thorim                                                                Down (23/05/2009)
        Lose Your Illusion                                         Down (25/07/2009)
-Mimiron                                                              Down (10/07/2009)
-General Vezax                                                      Down (10/07/2009)
        I Love The Smell Of Saronite In The Morning  Down (03/10/2009)
-Yogg-Saron                                                         Down (11/07/2009)
       –Three Lights In The Darkness
       -Two Lights In The Darkness
       -One Light In The Darkness
       -Alone In The Darkness
-Algalon the Observer
Trial of the crusader:                                            Cleared (18/09/2009)
-Northrend Beasts                                                 Down (18/09/2009)
-Lord Jaraxxus                                                       Down (18/09/2009)
-Faction champions                                                Down (18/09/2009)
-Twin val’kir                                                           Down (18/09/2009)
-Anub’arak                                                            Down (18/09/2009)
Trial of the grand crusader:
-Northrend Beasts (heroic)
-Lord Jaraxxus (heroic)
-Faction champions (heroic)
-Twin val’kir (heroic)
-Anub’arak (heroic)
Onyxia’s lair:                                                     Cleared (25/09/2009)
-Onyxia                                                              Down (25/09/2009)
Icecrown citadel:
-Lord Marrowgar                                                Down (13/06/2010) (Sdreno)
-Lady Deathwhisper                                             Down (13/06/2010) (Sdreno)
-Gunship battle                                                    Down (13/06/2010) (Sdreno)
-Deathbringer Saurfag                                          Down (19/06/2010) (Sdreno)
-Festergut                                                            Down (03/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Rotface                                                               Down (03/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Professor Putricide                            
-Blood prince council                                            Down (03/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Blood-queen Lana’thel                                         Down (03/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Valithria Dreamwalker                                          Down (03/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-The lick king
Icecrown citadel heroic:
-Lord Marrowgar (heroic)                                      Down (15/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Lady Deathwhisper (heroic)                                   Down (15/07/2010) (Sdreno)       
-Gunship battle (heroic)                                          Down (15/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Deathbringer Saurfag (heroic)                                Down (15/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Festergut (heroic)
-Rotface (heroic)
-Professor Putricide (heroic)
-Blood prince council (heroic)
-Blood-queen Lana’thel (heroic)
-Valithria Dreamwalker (heroic)                                 Down (15/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Sindragosa (heroic)
-The lick king (heroic)
25 man

Naxxramas:                                                    Cleared (27/02/2009)
-Anub’rekham                                                   Down (15/01/2009)              
-Grand Widow Faerlina                                      Down (15/01/2009)               
-Maexxna                                                         Down (15/01/2009)
-Noth the Plaguebringer                                    Down (25/01/2009)
-Heigan the Unclean                                          Down (01/02/2009)
-Loatheb                                                           Down (01/02/2009)
-Istructor Razuvios                                             Down (17/02/2009)
-Gothik the Harvester                                         Down (17/02/2009)
-The Four Horsemen                                          Down (17/02/2009)
-Patchwerk                                                        Down (25/01/2009)
-Grobbulus                                                       Down (15/02/2009)       
-Gluth                                                               Down (15/02/2009)
-Thaddius                                                         Down (27/02/2009)
-Sapphiron                                                        Down (27/02/2009)
-Kel’thuzad                                                        Down (27/02/2009)
The eye of eternity:                                            Cleared (27/02/2009)
-Malygos                                                           Down (27/02/2009)
The obsidian sanctum:                                       Cleared (29/12/2008)
-Sartharion                                                         Down (29/12/2008)
         Twilight Assist                                           Down (04/02/2009)
         -Twilight Duo                                             Down (04/02/2009)
         The Twilight Zone                                      Down (21/09/2009)        
Vault of archavon:                                              Cleared (26/04/2009)
-Archavon                                                           Down (14/12/2008)
-Emalon                                                              Down (26/04/2009)
-Koralon                                                             Down (03/09/2009)
-Toravon                                                             Down (09/02/2010)
Ulduar:                                                               Cleared (12/07/2009)
-Flame Leviathan                                                   Down (16/04/2009)
         -Orbital Bombardment                                 Down (05/07/2009)
         -Orbital Devastation                                     Down (05/07/2009)
         -Nuked From Orbit
-Razorscale                                                          Down (26/04/2009)
-Ignis the Furnace Master                                      Down (30/04/2009)
-XT-002 Deconstructor                                          Down (30/04/2009)
-The Iron Council                                                  Down (01/05/2009)
         I Choose You, Runemaster Molgein
         I Choose you, Steelbreaker
-Kologarn                                                             Down (01/05/2009)
-Auriaya                                                                Down (03/05/2009)
-Hodir                                                                   Down (22/05/2009)
         I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare           Down (15/10/2009)
-Freya                                                                   Down (22/05/2009)
        -Knock On Wood
        -Knock Knock On Wood
        -Knock Knock Knock On Wood
-Thorim                                                                 Down (01/06/2009)
        Lose Your Illusion                                          Down (25/10/2009)
-Mimiron                                                               Down (18/06/2009)
-General Vezax                                                       Down (18/06/2009)
        -I Love The Smell Of Saronite In The Morning
-Yogg-Saron                                                          Down (12/07/2009)
       Three Lights In The Darkness                           Down (07/10/2009)
       -Two Lights In The Darkness
       -One Light In The Darkness
       -Alone In The Darkness
-Algalon the Observer
Trial of the crusader:                                             Cleared (23/09/2009)
-Northrend Beasts                                                  Down (09/09/2009)
-Lord Jaraxxus                                                        Down (09/09/2009)
-Faction champions                                                Down (09/09/2009)
-Twin val’kir                                                            Down (09/09/2009)
-Anub’arak                                                             Down (23/09/2009)
Trial of the grand crusader:
-Northrend Beasts (heroic)                                    
-Lord Jaraxxus (heroic)                                           Down (06/12/2009)
-Faction champions (heroic)                                    Down (06/12/2009)
-Twin val’kir (heroic)
-Anub’arak (heroic)
Onyxia’s lair:                                                        Cleared (06/10/2009)
-Onyxia                                                                 Down (06/10/2009)
Icecrown citadel:
-Lord Marrowgar                                                  Down (05/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Lady Deathwhisper                                               Down (15/06/2010) (Sdreno)
-Gunship battle                                                     Down (05/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Deathbringer Saurfag                                           Down (15/06/2010) (Sdreno)
-Professor Putricide
-Blood prince council
-Blood-queen Lana’thel
-Valithria Dreamwalker
-The lick king
Icecrown citadel heroic:
-Lord Marrowgar (heroic)                                                Down (14/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Lady Deathwhisper (heroic)                                            
-Gunship battle (heroic)                                                    Down (15/06/2010) (Sdreno)
-Deathbringer Saurfag (heroic)
-Festergut (heroic)                                                            Down (14/07/2010) (Sdreno)
-Rotface (heroic)
-Professor Putricide (heroic)
-Blood prince council (heroic)
-Blood-queen Lana’thel (heroic)
-Valithria Dreamwalker (heroic)
-Sindragosa (heroic)
-The lick king (heroic)

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