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“Qualcuno vuole i soldi, qualcun’altro la droga, altri il sesso, godere, la fama o il potere, ma un Rock ‘n Roll vuole tutto”

“Siamo più popolari di Gesù Cristo adesso. Non so chi morirà per primo. Il Rock and Roll o il Cristianesimo.”


“Gentile pubblico non posso promettervi la vita eterna. Ma posso promettervi la vita. Qui. Ora..”

                                                                                                                                      [Bruce Springsteen]

“La luce che brilla il doppio dura la metà”

                                                                                                                              [sulla tomba di hendrix]

“Che sia il diavolo o il signore tu dovrai SERVIRE qualcuno”

                                                                                                                                     [Bob Dylan]



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25 disfatta…

“Capitalism places society inside a production process. Within this framework, love becomes one element in the process. Companies analyze the human being and search for the best way to extract from him the highest amount of consumption, not hesitating to use love and sex in a denatured and grotesque way: companies invoke love feelings and desire, but their final purpose is not to search for love and sex in the consumer, but his money and work. As a consequence, there’s dehumanization when love to another human being is identified with love to a product, since that association brings, inevitably, the identification of the human being with a product. Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari also consider that capitalism kills the concepts of body and soul.

Therefore, inside the commodity chain, lie is also a valid element; in fact, it’s a recurrent and necessary element for the system not to die. The consumer is lied to with selfish purposes, and that leads, according to the authors above, to a schizofrenia of human relations on every level, thus making impossible true love.

Werner Sombart placed that denaturation of love as the final stage of a destructive process of evolution, also present in other cultures outside the Western World: Firstly, love lost its individuality with Christianism, which unified it and theocratized it: no love could be genuine if it didn’t come from God, if it wasn’t approved by the Christian Church. A “flesh emancipation” process followed, which started with shy attempts and continued, with trobadours, with a period of accented sensuality, of free and naive love development. Lastly, came a stage of great refinement and, as a coda, moral laxity and perversion.”



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21 vittoria grande baldoria?


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I heard AlreadyFamous got lolpwnd today XD

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