The demon’s gift

Pubblicato: febbraio 26, 2018 in Citazioni da altri siti, La mia storia, Uncategorized
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“Before the First Blight, there lived an old man and woman. One day, a beautiful stranger came to their house, seeking shelter. The old man and woman gave her food to eat and a downy mattress to sleep upon. In return, she offered them a golden mirror that would grant three wishes.

Looking into the mirror, the woman frowned at her wrinkles and grey hair. “I wish I were young again,” she said. Suddenly, the face of a lovely maiden stared back at her. The man angrily grabbed the mirror, saying, “You’re so selfish! You could have given youth to us both! I wish you weren’t so stupid.”

At once, the woman was brilliant beyond measure and saw that her husband had never loved her; he tolerated her only because her age and ignorance made his own seem less by comparison.

Angry now, the old woman grabbed for the mirror—at the same time, they both said, “I hate you. I wish that you get exactly what you deserve!” With that, they were back together, both ugly and old, but now knowing exactly how much contempt they had for each other.”


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