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GW2: Evets 80

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Youtube hero

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Il genio assume molte forme…

Inside the actors

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Your favourite word?

  1. Morgan Freeman: Fuck
  2. Will Smith: Antidisestablishmentarianism
  3. Ralph Fiennes: Heart
  4. Hugh Grant: Fudge
  5. Ricky Gervais: I like unge sounds like lozenge and flange. I like flange.
  6. Hugh Laurie: Marsupial
  7. Jim Carrey: I like making up words. One of them being statosphere which is the place we all kind of end up in the epanthiom of supposed importance..Another one. You know the feeling you get when you feel like someone is walking over your grave and you get a little jolt, that’s called a fner.
  8. Johnny Depp: Why

Your least favourite word?

  1. Colin Firth: Yeahno. It precedes so many sentences. I’m guilty of it. You start with yeahno it’s really good. It’s amazing that you disagree with yourself.
  2. Ralph Fiennes: Flabbergasted.
  3. Hugh Laurie: Whatever
  4. Jim Carrey: It’s actually 2 words. A lot. It want’s to be one word so badly.

What turns you on?

  1. Colin Firth: Creme brulee
  2. Hugh Grant: Necks
  3. Johnny Depp: Breathing

What turns you off?

  1. Colin Firth: Tripe.
  2. Hugh Grant: I don’t like people who keep old Kleenex up their sleeves.
  3. Hugh Laurie: Financial advice.
  4. Johnny Depp: Not breathing.

Favourite swear word?

  1. Morgan Freeman: Fuck.
  2. Ralph Fiennes: On a normal day it would be, fuck. On a bad day, cunt.
  3. Jude Law: Bollocks.
  4. Colin Firth: There’s an Italian word, stronso. I was told it means a piece of shit but it more specifically means a floating piece of shit.
  5. Robin Williams: Pussy.Unlike the other word it’s so warm. Like a friend once said, I’m a fan. It reminds you of a kitty but better. Pussy, it’s gentle it’s kind.
  6. Hugh Laurie: Fuck, fucking, fuck and all it’s fucking cognates.

If heaven exists what would you like to God to say to you when you arrive at the pearly gates?

  1. Colin Firth: I personally thought you were very good in Mamma Mia.
  2. Hugh Grant: Fabulous, darling
  3. Ralph Fiennes: You’ve got the part!
  4. Robin Williams: Just to hear laughter, to heard god say, two jews walked into a bar.
  5. Hugh Laurie: No hard feelings.
  6. Jim Carrey: It’s ok, she’s not coming.
  7. Johnny Depp: Wow.

D3: Schopenhauer 60

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La subaru baracca

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“-Giacomo: porca miseria, Giovanni, sono qui con le ginocchia in gola!
-Giovanni: eh se non hai busto e culo non è colpa di nessuno!”

D3: Drawkcab 60

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“-Tu non sei giusto per lei.
-E tu lo sei?
-Sono meno sbagliato.”